Kawasaki Motorcycles Sprocket & Chain Size (stock)

Below is a list of chain and sprocket (gear) sizes for Kawasaki motorcycles. How to find out the size is to look at the 3 components on the table, the front sprocket means the number of teeth on the front gear. So as with the rear sprocket.

While the size of the chain is divided into two, the first is the thickness of the chain and the second is the length of the chain (links) which is accronym as L.

SprocketChain Size
KSR-1 (KSR50)1349420 (108L)
KLX110R L1338420 (90L)
KX1121351420 (124L)
KX651347420 (110L)
KX851450420 (120L)
KX85L1351420 (124L)
KDX125SR1552428 (132L)
KLX110L1338420 (90L)
KLX1251447428 (124L)
KS-2 (KS80)1530
KSR1101531420 (100L)
KX1001351420 (124L)
Ninja 1251656
Z 1251656
KLX2301445520 (108L)
KLX230 S1445520 (108L)
KLX230 R1346520 (106L)
KX2501350520 (114L)
KX250X1351520 (114L)
Ninja 2501440520 (106L)
Ninja ZX-25R1450520 (116L)
Versys-X 2501446520 (112L)
Z2501441520 (106L)
Barrios (ZXR250)1448520 (110L)
D Tracker 2501439520 (104L)
Eliminator 250LX1444520 (114L)
Eliminator 250V1544520 (116L)
Estrella 2501540520 (104L)
GPX2501445520 (106L)
GPZ250R1442520 (104L)
KDX220SR1442520 (106L)
KDX250SR1445520 (110L)
KLR2501544520 (104L)
KLX2501442520 (106L)
KR-11540420 (106L)
KR2501438520 (106L)
KX250F1350520 (114L)
Ninja 250R1443520 (106L)
Ninja 250SL1442520 (104L)
Super Sherpa1443520 (102)
ZXR2501448520 (110L)
ZZR4001746520 (112L)
ZXR400R1645520 (110L)
ZRX4001542525 (106L)
Zephyr 400 Kai1642520 (108L)
Z400GP1640520 (104)
XANTHUS1546520 (108L)
W4001542525 (106L)
Vulcan 4001862428 (146L)
Versys-X 3001446520 (112L)
FX400R1540520 (104L)
ER-4n1546520 (114L)
Ninja 4001441520 (106)
ZXR750R1641520 (108L
ZR-7S1636525 (106L)
ZEPHYR 750R1637525 (106L)
Z7501543520 (112L)
W6501537525 (104L)
Versys 6501546
Ninja ZX-7R1643525 (110L)
ZX-6RR1543520 (110L)
Ninja 650R1546520 (114L)
KX450F1350520 (114L)
KLX450R1352520 (114L)
ER-6n1546520 (114L)
ER-6f1546520 (114L)
ER-51742520 (106L)
Z6501546520 (114L)
VULCAN S1546520 (114L)
Ninja ZX-6R1543520 (112L)
Ninja 6501546520 (114L)
KX450X1351520 (114L)
KX4501350520 (114L)
Z8001545520 (114L)
Ninja ZX-9R1641525 (110L)
ZX-101745532 (110L)
Ninja ZX-10R1741525 (116L)
Z9001544525 (114L)
Z10001541525 (112L)
Z H21846525 (118L)
W8001537520 (104L)
Versys 10001543
Ninja H2R1842525 (116L)
Ninja H21844525 (118L)
Ninja H2 SX1844525 (120L)
Ninja 1000SX1541525 (112)
ZZR14001742530 (118L)
ZZR12001744530 (112L)
ZZR11001745530 (110L)
ZRX1200R1742530 (110L)
ZRX11001745530 (110L)
Ninja ZX-14R1742530 (118L)
Ninja ZX-12R1846530 (116L)